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  1. ​​Assess and evaluate all aspects of Behavior Health Services at your facility.

  2. Staff and train agency behavioral health program. 

  3. Hire, manage, and consult with agency leadership with the day to day management of the Behavioral Health staff and provides constructive feedback to providers and staff regarding patient care and productivity levels. 

  4. Assist with recruiting, hiring, and training of Behavioral Health staff.

  5. Guide the professional development of Behavioral Health Staff.  

  6. Monitor productivity levels and implement plans for maximizing capacity.

  7. Assess overall quality of patient care within Behavioral Health.

  8. Participate in program and budget planning and program evaluation. 

  9. Assist in developing communication with agency providers  (physicians, etc.) to ensure integration of behavioral health and primary care.

  10.  Assist in developing a plan for community outreach in order to increase capacity of patients served. 

  11. Alert to potential program enhancements that could improve quality and/or scope of services and offers suggestions to agency leadership; supports development and implementation of new program enhancements

  12. Consult with the executive team regarding available grants and grant funding and assists in the implementation of those grand approved services and scope of work. 

  13. Assist in the creation of specialty behavioral health program such as  Medication Assisted Treatment Program. 

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